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Sometimes I am interesting but more often I am not.

Mostly this is used to reblog whatever strikes my fancy, or to talk about nerdy things relevant to my interests.

My fandoms change a lot, please don't follow me for a particular one. I AM NOT CONSISTENT.

I enjoy drawing, reading, gaming, and model building when I am not broke.

You can call me anything but late for dinner. Most people call me Faab though.

Background is credited to tumblr artist Poiju!
Beard of Defiance

Do you have any manga suggestions that aren’t Vinland Saga or Biscuit hammer?

A rude ass, aka Kao


daiki is sixteen years old. i don’t believe this.

Tumblr I am knee deep in monster hunter hell please bare with me. I will hit high rank and snap my 3ds in half soon enough don’t you worry.

Lagiacrus just glitched the fuck out and tried to swim into a pillar for like two minutes straight it was beautiful.

80 hours into MH3U and I have finally discovered how to get my commodities

Read the tutorials kiddos

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STRAIGHTCOUGAR SAID: god I gotta catch up with you guys. I still cant solo anything

We need to get together and play once finals are over!! 

I was going to say I am good at soloing but no I am still terrible at this game I am just good with certain monsters now. Let me kill barroths forever.

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