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Background is credited to tumblr artist Poiju!
Beard of Defiance

plz watch Reconguista. Please do it.

I can’t really say it’s good at 4 episodes, but I really love it and not just because of my character designer bias. It’s fun to watch and it hasn’t disappointed me so far.

Work by ゆかたろ (twitter)

hello please watch gundam: g no reconguista

He states, confident of his inability to hear things with his ass.
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This is reaching ‘it’s just a scratch’ territory.
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friendzoned again
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i want to show this to someone who has no idea what jojo is about and see what they think about it 

is okuyasu a mind controller
did he sleep-mind-control someone in the red hot chili peppers and make them murder his brother
im really curious now

that’s exactly what happened you nailed it 
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My exact thoughts reading this chapter.
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This one has already been submitted, but I feel that it needs to be resubmitted with the following fact:
When this chapter of the manga originally came out, The Sixth Sense was just airing in Japanese theaters. With Araki being big into western media he had already seen it, but most of Japan had not.
Jolyne didn’t just spoil the movie for the people watching it in the manga, she spoiled it for every JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure reader who had yet to go see it. Which would have been god knows how many people.
Fucking Jolyne.
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